July 07, 2023
A Powerful Brand for a Serious Professional: Aulyn House

👋 Summary

We had the privilege of collaborating with Aulyn House to create a robust website and visually captivating brand that significantly elevated their online presence. This project has been an absolute joy, and our partnership with Aulyn House extends beyond this project as we continue to give ongoing web support. The range of services included website design and development, crafting a basic logo and a detailed visual brand guide.

Table of Contents

🕰️ Background

Elizebeth Childers, BSN, NR has been a nurse working in diverse specialties like ER, Oncology, Surgery, General Medicine, Orthopedics, Hospice, Management, and Case Management for over 20 years.

Her mission: to see people healed and whole.

As a nurse coach and founder at Aulyn House, she guides patients and helps uncover causative of factors of chronic illness, allergies, and inflammation and connects them with the resources and therapies necessary to find healing. Amongst other things, she specializes in SAAT (Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment) therapies.

Final Product

👇 This is a live prototype – just hover and scroll!

🤖 The Process

Elizebeth embarked on her Aulyn House venture in 2023 and needed an approachable and professional online presence.

We began with crafting a visual brand.

After a market-study of regional and local businesses that offered similar services, it became apparent that the competition was lacking and we could develop a brand image that would stand head-and-shoulders above the rest. After much exploration, testing, and discussion, we landed on a slate-black, emerald blue, and gold color pallet. We wanted to communicate sophistication and allure using deep colors and captivating imagery, accentuated by elegant gold highlights. The client was very please with the final result!

Auyln House Visual Brand Style Guide

Once the visual brand was well established, we moved to messaging. With the help of our copywriter, AI, and hard work, we established the business’ calls-to-action, headline messaging, copy tone, and website sales copy. 👩‍💻 The final product is a professional, personal tone that builds trust with potential users and clients.

Lastly, we designed and developed a professional website using WordPress. Using this CMS was strategic. We wanted the ability to scale Aulyn House’s online presence easily while also allowing the owners to curate custom blog posts. ✍️ WordPress’s SEO capabilities are unmatched and since it’s an open-source CMS, they would maintain full ownership of the website’s content and decide where it’s hosted.

Because of budget restraints, we decided the website would start out as a “one-page” sales tool with an integrated blog post. We slowly added new pages for sales-funnel purposes, but the overall site was meant to be simple and streamlined.

To design the website, we began on Figma. This tool allowed us to quickly build high-quality design concepts for our website. After we had crafted the starter design of the website, we moved to a live build. This was done on a temporary domain as to allow previewing of a live site for our client. After revisions, copy edits, and a few quick meet-ups, the website was ready for launch! 🚀

Aulyn House also opted in for our Preserve Plan for her website. This is just a snapshot of the what ongoing services they are receiving.

Perserve Plan

This is a month-to-month maintenance plan focused on keeping your site alive and in good health.

  • WordPress & Plugin Updates
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Broken Links Monitoring
  • Domain + Email Monitoring & Maintenance (x1)
  • Security Optimization
  • Support Chat

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🤙 Conclusion

Getting to know the Aulyn House team was an amazing experience. They are genuinely wonderful individuals with a sincere desire to help others! Now, armed with a strong brand and a compelling online presence, they can boldly enter the market and make a difference in people’s lives.

Our team loves creating extraordinary websites and building captivating brands. We always look forward to collaborating with people like Elizebeth, getting a good grasp of your vision and goals 🏆, and crafting a digital presence that resonates with your audience and delivers real results.

Let’s work together to make something truly special!