Helping an Oklahoma Based SAAT Therapist Design Her Online Presence.

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Aulyn House


In the dynamic field of mental health services, establishing a robust online presence is crucial for success. This case study explores our collaboration with an Oklahoma-based SAAT therapist Elizabeth Childers, BSN, RN, detailing the journey of enhancing Auyln House’s digital footprint and creating a compelling brand identity.

Our collaborative journey began with an in-depth consultation to understand Auyln House’s unique business goals thoroughly. By gaining insight into the client’s aspirations and challenges, we tailored our services to address her distinct needs. Recognizing the importance of strategic market positioning, we provided valuable insights into the local and regional SAAT therapy market. We collaborated with the client to develop effective pricing strategies, aligning them with industry standards and the expectations of Auyln House’s target audience.


The visual identity of a brand is paramount. Collaboratively, we combined efforts to design a unique and meaningful logo for Auyln House, ensuring every element conveyed its core values. Simultaneously, we workshopped brand colors and sourced visually compelling images, creating a cohesive and resonant visual identity.

WordPress Website Development:
Our expertise in web development took center stage as we brought Auyln House’s vision to life on the WordPress platform. The website not only showcased the client’s services but also provided a dynamic and user-friendly platform for engagement and information dissemination.

Responsive Design and Functionality:
We meticulously designed the website to be responsive and functional, ensuring optimal user experience across various devices. From intuitive navigation to informative content, the website aimed to captivate visitors and effectively communicate Auyln House’s mission and services.

Continuous Support and Subscription:
The client’s satisfaction with our work is exemplified by her subscription to our Monthly Website Care Plan, underscoring our dedication to providing ongoing support. By offering regular updates, security measures, and performance optimizations, we ensure Auyln House’s digital presence remains vibrant and effective.

Our collaboration with Auyln House showcases our commitment to helping businesses thrive in the digital realm. From market analysis to WordPress website development, our comprehensive approach has positioned Auyln House as a reputable player in the SAAT therapy market. Our ongoing partnership reflects our dedication to providing continuous support, ensuring that Auyln House continues to shine brightly in the competitive landscape of mental health services.