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Getting a book published is a dream for so many writers.

However, navigating the complex world of book publishing can be overwhelming. This is where we come in. Our Partner Publishing Services are designed to make your publishing journey enjoyable and seamless.

Something For Authors At Every Stage

Whether you’re a first-time author or an experienced writer, WestSky Studio is here to support you every step of the way. Connect with us to learn more about our services and start your publishing journey.


It’s best to start here. Talk to one of our team members about your publishing goals and we will give you a step-by-step plan on how to turn your idea into a tangible book.

  • 30 Minutes
  • No Commitment
  • Free Publishing Roadmap
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Full Service Publishing

We approach every book with the same craftsmanship you’d find in the largest publishing houses, for a fraction of the price. Get your book to market quickly with our full service partner publishing.

  • Professional Proofing & Editing
  • World-Class Book Design
  • Constant Communication 
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Not satisfied with the current look of your book? Or maybe you’re ready to produce a second edition. Get your book back in the market quickly and professionally with our re-publishing service.

  • World-Class Design
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Mulitple Distribution Options
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Why Choose Partner Publishing?

Unlike traditional publishers, we make sure you retain 100% of your royalties and rights. All we do is provide the tools and expertise to help publish a polished book that effectively reaches your audience. With our partner publishing model, you keep full ownership, including your ISBN and copyright.

Publishing under our respected imprint adds credibility to your book, giving it a professional edge in a marketplace flooded with self-published books. We offer personalized support from the initial consultation to the final product, guiding you to meet your specific needs and goals.


Our team of detail-oriented editors will refine your manuscript, ensuring your voice remains authentic while enhancing clarity, grammar, and overall readability.

Cover Design

First impressions matter. Our professional designers will create a captivating cover that reflects the essence of your book and attracts the right readers.


We take care of the intricate process of typesetting, making sure your book is formatted beautifully and ready for print or digital publication.


Reach a wider audience with our distribution services. We’ll ensure your book is available on major platforms like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other global retailers.

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Ready? Set? Go. There’s no point in delaying this any longer. It’s time to take the leap and get your manuscript in the hands of people who want to read it! We’re ready to help you take your first step in the exciting journey of becoming a published author.

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